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Fildena 25
Get 50% discount on Fildena 25 with the use of code NYTKS50. This is low power sex pill for ..
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Fildena Extra Power
Fildena Exta Power gives you the lost sex life back; the best formula to overcome impotence and l..
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Fildena 50
Passionate Sildenafil Citrate composed Fildena 50 pills are best proven solution for relieving Er..
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Fildena 100
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or repeated penile failure in men is a technical term that relates to c..
USD $1.80
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Fildena Strong
Fildena Strong, a stronger version of ED drug containing Sildenafil Citrate 120mg, as its basic i..
USD $2.33
Based on 1 reviews.

About the medicine:
Fortune Health Care Ltd. manufactures Fildena pills that relieve Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) issue in men. Erectile Dysfunction condition in men is inability to achieve or maintain hard erection that is suitable for intercourse. This impotence condition occurs due to insufficient flow of blood into the penile region. However, proper consumption of medicine allows sexually aroused men to attain and maintain erection for session of making love. Moderate consumption of medicine is safe for quick and effective results.

The powerful pills are consumed to treat Erectile Dysfunction issue in males. This Ed condition occurs when men fails to attain or maintain penile erection even in presence of sexual stimulation.

How does it work?
Sildenafil Citrate the main active ingredient in the pill is a selective inhibitor of cGMP-specific Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This enzyme is accountable for destruction of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum (penile tissue). cGMP enzyme dilates the blood vessels of penile that results in pooling of blood in the penile. The component in pill is alike to cGMP in structure and competitively binds to PDE-5 in the corpus cavernosum thereby inhibiting binding of cGMP resulting in prevention of cGMP destruction. More amount of cGMP in the penile results in better erection.

How to use?
Medicine composed in conventional tablet form is to be consumed orally. Take this pill in moderation approx. 30 minutes to one hour before intercourse. Swallow pill as whole without chewing or crushing with plain glass of water. Altering the state of pill shall lower effectiveness of medicine. Taking pill in moderation and in presence of complete sexual stimulation helps to gain maximum effective results while making out.

What are the possible side effects?
Mild side effects with this Sildenafil Citrate composed Fildena medicine include nausea, back pain, muscle ache, dizziness, change in vision, indigestion, abdominal upset, nasal congestion palpitation or tickling feeling in chest while intercourse. Other common issues like stomach ache, face flushing, rashes on skin, nasal congestion, bluish vision, headache etc.

Precautions to follow:

What are the storage conditions?
Conventional tablet form of solution is to be stored at normal room temperature below 30°C. Always keep the medicine away from the reach of children and pets. Do not pills in bathroom or other humid place and never use pills post their expiry date.

Some specifications of Fildena medicine includes:








Fortune HealthCare Pvt. Ltd.

Generic Name

Sildenafil Citrate


Each film coated tablet contains Sildenafil Citrate IP equivalent to Sildenafil Citrate that varies from 25mg to 150mg



Molecular weight

666.70 g/mol

Chemical Name

1-[[3-(6,7-Dihydro-1-methyl-7-oxo-3-propyl-1H-pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidin-5-yl)-4-ethoxyphenyl]sulfonyl]-4-methylpiperazine citrate


19'53" Minutes in water

Dosage form

Conventional tablet


Up to 10 hours




36 Months from the Mfd. Date


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